MDBW19 Customer Feedback Booth

At MongoDB World 2019, I was charged with managing a Peer Insights booth to funnel customer reviews into a third-party analyst platform.

Personal Blog Site Development

Above-the-fold of my blog homepage.

I developed a blog theme, wrote several articles, and an assembled an analytics package to track performance of the content I post to the site.

Cold Case Act Press Website & Content

The Capitol Building.

In 2015, my former high school civics class wrote the Civil Rights Cold Case Records Collection Act, a bipartisan bill which seeks justice for the victims of civil rights cold cases. The bill was signed into law in January 2019 after more than three years of lobbying. While working on the bill, I contacted reporters, participated in interviews, and created a press website to assist in media outreach efforts.

'Faith' by George Michael Arrangement

Sheet music for 'Faith' by George Michael arrangement.

I arranged and planned choreography for my a cappella group’s performance of ‘Faith’ by George Michael.

Weekly Newsletter Writing at J-PAL North America

During my internship at J-PAL North America, I was responsible for conducting research for and writing weekly newsletters that went out to the J-PAL North America staff.

Weekly newsletters let me build my research and internal communications skills.

OA Song Player

Screenshot from the OA Song Player site.

I developed a web-based song player to make it easier for my a cappella group to practice music.

Orange Appeal Website

Screenshot from website.

I created a website for Orange Appeal, my a cappella group at Syracuse University.

Client Research Report for Community Service Organization

Cover page of a research report designed for the Office of Engagement Programs.

This client research report was put together for the Office of Engagement Programs, a community service organization at Syracuse University.

Site to Host Study Guides and Notes

Above-the-fold screenshot from

This website allows for easy, on-the-fly sharing and access to notes and study guides I’ve created for classes.

SYEP Mortality Reduction Graphic

Graphic displaying the reduction in mortality from the SYEP study.

I created this visualization while at J-PAL North America, with the assistance of the graphic design team.

Album With A Cappella Group

Unpeeled album cover.

During the Spring 2017 semester, I recorded an album, Unpeeled, with my college a cappella group, Orange Appeal. I sang as a bass on several songs.

Blog Writing at Zylotech

Writing company blogs was one of my primary responsibilities at Zylotech. Each blog often involved doing research within and outside of the company, and iterating edits between members of the marketing team.

Graphic Design with Zylotech

A graphic displaying the Zylotech process for record linkage.

For the first several weeks of my internship at Zylotech, there was a vacant graphic design internship role that was in the process of being filled. I stepped in and created several visuals for social media posts, blog posts, and other digital media channels.