Personal Code of Ethics

13 April, 2018


As a young public relations practitioner and student, it is my responsibility to carry through my academic, workplace, and personal obligations dutifully while maintaining strict integrity and advocating my values. By adhering to the following guidelines, I can be sure my work will not only reflect my dedication to quality, but also will reflect the change I wish to effect on the world.


1. Treatment of People

i. Listen and learn: I will recognize that I don’t have all the answers, and that there is no shame in relying on others when I need help.

ii. Build a better future: I will make sure that my work is always based in the production of social good. This includes making sure I choose personal projects, workplace assignments (where applicable), and academic research topics that promote my values and encourage positive change.

2. Treatment of Information

i. Information deserves to be free: I’m a firm believer in the freedom of information. Anything I produce that has social value and of which I am able to release the ownership should be free to the public by some standard of “free.” All code I produce should be open source, all artwork I create available under the creative commons license, all research ungated and available for public criticism, etc.

ii. Encourage others to set their information free: Beyond 2(i), I will be an “evangelist” of information freedom. I will encourage others to open their information to the public, and consistently maintain that the world is a better place when art, learning, and global dialogues are not restricted to those who can overcome barriers to access them.

iii. Respect the work of others: Beyond the minimum standards of academic integrity, I will do everything in my power to create appropriate citations, references, linkage, etc. to work generated by others.

Treatment of Ethical Obligations

i. Adhere even when difficult: There will be situations in my life which test the integrity of my ethical obligations. In the face of tasks or decisions which challenge me to make an expedient or convenient decision over an ethical one, I will make every reasonable effort to side with the above principles.

Commitment to Diversity

In accordance with my Code of Ethics 1(ii), I will ensure that my work always reflects my commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive society and workplace. Diversity, somewhat self-evidently, takes many shapes and forms. My commitment to it not only is a commitment not to discriminate or act on prejudice, but also to promote an environment free from hate of any kind. As someone with privilege, it is important that I recognize my role as an ally to those who have less power in society and fight not merely on their behalf, but to grant them further access to share my platform.